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The tripmates


I’ve just realized that I had started telling you about my tripmates before I even introduced them to you…

The first ones are the iPhone and his twin, the iPod touch. Little can be spoken about them that hasn’t been told before, they’ve been 3 years in the market and we’ve all seen or used one by now. They are responsible for most high-end gadgets nowadays being touch-sensitive and easy to use.

The new kid in town is the iPad, Apple’s latest invention. It’s a tablet device that fits in the gap between smartphones and laptops. In the linked page there is a presentation video that is worth watching (although you may rather mute the sound if, like me, don’t enjoy the impossible rhetorics that fills Apple’s PR).iPad For many the iPad it’s the major letdown of the century; for others, the innovation of the decade… The issue has been heatedly debated by the media, bloggers and experts throughout the globe during the past weeks. My take? It has an enormous potential if well focused. The catch is actually understanding what the right focus is.

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