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My app, delays and open sources


Hello again, sorry to keep you waiting for so long. There’s been a couple of factors that have kept me quite busy (a course on eCommerce and, maybe, my participation in a leadership workshop held at my former university).

First things first, I have to admit that I won’t be shipping my first app on day one of the iPad’s USA launch date. I may have it ready for the European launch, but I wouldn’t count on it either as I’m facing some heavy art-direction issues. At least I have learnt the painful way a couple of invaluable project managemente lessons:

  1. Don’t give dates.
  2. Don’t write a line of code until you have the full specifications of the app and know how to actually build it.

I’ll be back shortly to speak about my app and continue its development. I am even considering turning it into a open source model application for new programmers to learn from, maybe we can gather a small community around it. Time will tell if the idea is welcomed and gets support.

See you soon!

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